19 Celebrity Sex Life Confessions I Could’ve Gone My Whole Life Not Knowing, Yet Here We Are

1. Kim Kardashian said she had sex with Pete Davidson in front of her fireplace to “honor her grandmother.”

2. Jennifer Coolidge said she slept with “over 200 people” after playing Stifler’s mom in American Pie.

3. Chrissy Teigen confessed that she and her hubby, John Legend, joined the Mile High Club on their way to Thailand.

4. Tori Spelling admitted to “vajazzling” on her husband Dean McDermott’s podcast.

5. Charlie Puth shared that he actually lost his virginity to a fan when he was 21.

6. Puth also confessed to masturbating to the Maroon 5 song “This Love.”

7. Ariana Grande tweeted about the (potential) size of Pete Davidson’s ding dong.

Twitter / @gwsgina / Twitter: @gwsgina

The tweet was quickly deleted, but launched all that was BDE-gate.

8. Ricky Martin said he loves “giving the golden shower.”

9. Eva Longoria professed her love for having sex after a nice Brazilian wax.

10. Kesha doinked a ghost, apparently!

11. Nick Cannon confessed that he and his then-wife Mariah Carey would have sex to her music.

12. Pete Davidson joked(?)/admitted to thanking Ariana Grande every time they had sex.

13. Post-Zayn One Direction all admitted to being members of the Mile High Club…except for Niall.

14. Cara Delevingne has also confessed to having a lot of sex on A LOT of planes.

15. Channing Tatum said he and sex “are friends.”

16. Christina Aguilera borrowed a wig from her hairstylist to ✨spice things up✨.

17. Olivia Wilde said that she and now-ex Jason Sudeikis used to “have sex like Kenyan runners.”

18. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did the deed in their limo on the way to the Academy Awards.

19. And lastly, Adam Levine addressed why he wasn’t always such a one-woman kind of guy, and SURPRISE! This aged poorly.