Bella Poarch Has Filed For Divorce From Her Husband Of Almost 4 Years

Bella Poarch has filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch.

Los Angeles County court documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that the 25-year-old TikTok star got married back in January of 2019. Bella’s petition for the dissolution of the marriage was filed on November 2.

That being said, Bella doesn’t seem to have ever publicly acknowledged having a husband. Beyond some rumors floating around her and Tyga last year, her public love life has been pretty on the DL.

That being said, Bella previously appeared on the H3 Podcast in 2021 and said that she’d been single for about a year. She described two relationships that happened while she was in the navy — the second guy dumping her upon finding out that she would be leaving the military due to mental health reasons.

According to Bella, he said to her, “Oh, you’re leaving the military? I guess we can’t be together.” Given that Bella left the navy sometime in 2019, this could potentially point to what happened with her ex-husband.

We’ll keep you posted if Bella provides any updates.