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Different Between Welded Pipes and Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan

Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan is one of the most versatile alloys use in manufacturing and manufacturing. The SeamlessΒ pipes are use in a wide variety of industries. Seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes are the two most common types of Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan.

The Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan are made of solid steel plates or rods. It is made into a round shape call a “bar” and heated to form a hollow tube or bark shape like a bar. made of steel cylinder After heating the rod to a high temperature Insert the probe into the cylinder to make holes. Hollow section and seamless round tube Seamless steel tubes are made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel rods or solid pipe blanks and then roll. These pipes are call superior to welded pipes because they are construct using monolithic billets with no weld seams and internal mechanical strength.

Welded pipe is a type of Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan in which a steel pipe or ductile iron sheet material is round. square shape or other shapes to create a steel pipe joint on the surface then welded into place Use a roller or sheet bender to flatten the bar. Plates or plates are cool in circles or circles. High power sources are use to weld pipes with or without filler material. Welded pipes are available in various sizes and lengths. 310S stainless steel welded pipes are commonly use to transport large volumes of water, oil or gas.

The difference between stainless steel seamless pipe and welded pipe:-


Billets are use as raw materials for seamless steel pipes. The hot rolling process does not eliminate defects on the outer surface of the billet. After the finish product must be polish. Defects are only partially remove during the process of wall shrinkage. On the contrary Welded steel pipe is made from raw material of hot roll coil. And the surface quality of the coil is similar to that of the pipe. So it’s easy to control. Hot roll steel has a high quality surface. Welded steel pipes have a much higher surface quality than seamless steel pipes.

Molding Process

In the rolling process Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan were create only once. Welded steel pipes are made of steel pipes or steel plates and are made by various bending and welding processes.

Efficiency and Consumption

Seamless Pipe in Pakistan have higher strength and pressure than ERW welded steel tubes, resulting in their widespread use in high-pressure equipment and the boiler industry. Welds on welded steel pipes are often a weak point and their quality affects overall performance.

Welded steel tubes can bear up to 20% lower pressure than seamless steel tubes. 316 stainless steel. seamless steel tubes are highly reliable and can be use in a wide range of applications. All industrial pipelines are made of seamless pipes due to severe thermal, chemical and mechanical loads. Welded pipes are in demand in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. Both the budget and the pressure to work on the pipe are small.


Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan show no signs of corrosion. until expose to highly corrosive weather conditions But the weld area of ​​the welded pipe is susceptible to corrosion. Considering that the welding area is uniform different sensitivity low corrosion resistance and the variation of dimensions is large Seamless Pipe in Pakistan solve these problems and make them extremely resistant to corrosion

The advantages of seamless pipes:

  • corrosion resistant
  • high stress resistance
  • Durability
  • high purity of the material
  • It can be use for complex tasks in harsh environments.
  • Advantages of stainless steel welded pipes:
  • need money
  • quick preparation
  • easy to customize
  • constant concentration
  • high resistance

Welded steel pipes are widely use in boilers, automobiles, shipbuilding, furniture, farm equipment, scaffolding, conduits, top racks, containers and other applications. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan are use in sea ​​water Gas and Fluid Transfer Chemical Line Petroleum and Gas Pipeline and chemical and heat treatment plants